Ashley Coffin
Bachelor of Public Relations
Mount Saint Vincent University
“The Mount’s co-op program has prepared me for a career in public relations like no course ever could. Taking what I learned during class time and transferring it into the real world has allowed me to secure a job sooner as my employer knows I have the right skills to succeed.”

Alexa Ellis
Bachelor of Business Administration
University of Prince Edward Island
“The opportunity to work with The Wind Energy Institute of Canada has provided me with a unique chance to gain insight into the market for one of Prince Edward Island’s most abundant natural resources, wind energy. The work that I am involved in allows me to transfer knowledge that I have gained in the classroom and utilize it in the workplace. The value of the UPEI Business Coop Program is immeasurable. The real life experience that I have gained at the institute is something that I will be able to carry forward throughout my career and I am certain this will help me achieve my professional goals.”

Sabina Benjamin
Bachelor of Computer Science
University of Prince Edward Island
“My first Computer Science Co-op work term with DeltaWare Systems located in the Atlantic Technology Centre was an awesome experience. In this position, I had the opportunity to use the latest technologies, experience the real work environment and work as part of a team. The co-op team and professional development sessions really prepared me to develop a concise resume, enhance my interview skills with several mock practice sessions, and strengthen my confidence. Professionally it has given me IT industry exposure which was the exactly what I was looking for. ”

JP Leroux
Bachelor of Commerce
Saint Mary’s University
“Being part of the co-op program at Saint Mary’s help me secure a dream internship in Toronto. I had help creating my résumé, cold calling targeted employers, and preparing for my interviews. The support system led to a four month internship at one of Toronto’s leading entrepreneurial centres which expanded my network in more ways than I could have hoped for.”

Juliane Fetzer
Bachelor of Management
Dalhousie University
“I learned a lot about what it is like to work in the corporate world and what I can expect after graduation. This work term made me a well-rounded individual and enables me to have an advantage in the job market. Participating in the internship program made a significant contribution to my personal development and my studies at Dalhousie University. It was the most valuable experience during my undergraduate education.”

Liz Pomeroy
Bachelor of Management, Candidate 2014
Dalhousie University
“The Bachelor of Management Internship Program has been a tremendous help towards gaining experience in resume and cover letter writing and essential job search and networking skills. I would highly recommend this program to every student, and I believe the knowledge gained through this opportunity should be included in mandatory curriculum. It challenges every student to strive to achieve their own personal goals and guides individuals towards a career path of their interest.”

Economics Co-operative Education Program
Memorial University of Newfoundland
“The Co-op work term has offered so much more than what can be learned in a classroom. There have been many opportunities to transfer knowledge from the class to the workplace, and to gain valuable information from professionals in the field. The network of employers and colleagues are supportive and provide mentorship and training that will be carried on to future employment after graduation.”

Master of Arts Political Science
Memorial University of Newfoundland
“My internship experience was amazing! It allowed me to merge the academic with the practical. It gave me the opportunity to learn new skills, make contacts and connections and it enhanced my entire graduate school experience.”

Thomas Hughes
Bachelor of Business Administration Co-op Graduate
University of New Brunswick, Saint John
“Companies associated with the business co-op program have jobs that allow students to perform meaningful work – a co-op position is nothing like your typical summer job. The job market is full of fierce competition – employers from all across Canada recognize the co-op program and know that its graduates are of the highest quality. With this knowledge, most employers look to co-op students first and this is why I am proud to say I am a UNB Saint John Business Co-operative Education Graduate. I’ve set myself apart from the pack – I challenge you to do the same.”

Andrew Nickel
Dalhousie University
“Participating in a co-operative education program has provided me more value than I ever would have imagined. The ability to work in an industry directly related to my education has allowed me to develop my academic knowledge into skills applicable to my career. Co-ops have helped me build an extensive professional network across the country and internationally that can benefit me now, as well as in the future. I am confident that my choice in the Dalhousie Commerce Co-op program has given me the competitive edge to succeed beyond the completion of my degree.”